Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Tie Your Scarf? – Converting your favorite scarf into a belt

Looking for some creative ways to wear your scarf? In this, the second installment of my “How to Tie Your Scarf” series I will show you a few new ways to wear your favorite square scarf as a belt.

Hint: Look for an over-sized square scarf. The diagonal width is the length that will fit best on larger waist sizes.
1. Start with large square scarf. Lay your square scarf out flat on the floor.

2. Fold the scarf in half along a diagonal.
3. Fold the scarf in half again bringing the point even with the original fold. 

4. Roll the scarf up toward the widest part of the fold. Put through belt loops and tie in small knot or bow.

Tip: Is your favorite scarf not quite long enough to wear as a belt? Look for belt converters like this one. They will add length and they have a really classic look. 
Available: Hermes $680, $35

Tip 2: Don't want to tuck in your shirt? Wear this style at your natural waist over a shift dress.

Tip 3: Use this rolling technique to wear scarf as a head band.

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